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Here’s what some of our Daly City, CA customers are saying about us:

Very satisfied, great service, will recommend anyone who needs to repair auto body to visit this place.

Alex L. J & M Auto Body Customer Review

5 Stars!

Xiaotao Lin Google Review

Mike the manager is amazing and worked with me on fixing my BMW (328i) . He was very personable and I received the best experience ever. They don't make his kind anymore.

Basma Kahin Google Review

4 Stars!

Dawne Toussaint Google Review

Great customer service and on time

Koko Google Review

4 Stars!

Edwin Resplandor Google Review

This review has been LONG overdue! John and his team here at J&M do phenomenal work, EVERY time. Service is always completed fast, professionally, and with a smile. There are situations where you can just tell someone is being completely genuine and trying their absolute best to help you out, I just have to say, that everyone at this team goes above and beyond all expectations.

I first discovered J&M back in October when I was looking for a dependable shop near me that could fix the holes someone had so kindly installed in my rear bumper while I was in class. Right away I could tell that this shop was no joke. Not only did they replace and color match a new bumper in a particularly difficult color (Honda/Acura White Diamond Pearl) flawlessly, they did it in a grand total of 3 days from when I first came in for my estimate! Fast forward to Thursday of last week, I was the unfortunate victim of a hit and run on the freeway. I go through the proper channels, make a claim with my insurance, and scheduled the next available appointment here at J&M on Monday. I received an update on the status of my vehicle on Wednesday, detailing all of the ins and outs of my particular job and was given an estimate of 1 week until completion which was completely understandable as the body work and 3-stage paint process involved 2 doors as well as the rear quarter panel. And today, I wanted to stop by on my way back home from work, just on a whim. And to my surprise John took me to the back and showed my newly repaired car!

Long story short, J&M auto body is a gem. This mom and pop shop a far cry from those McDonald's-esque auto body repair shops; welcoming, professional, and simply exudes excellence. They take pride in their work, and it shows. Will I ever be able to avoid accidents and hit and run drivers? Probably not, but at least I know a place that I know I can rest assured that my car will be every bit as loved with them as it is with me.

Gino M. Yelp Review

I would definitely come back here again. I had a bumper fixed and repainted by a shop in San Bruno called A n W Autobody. IT WAS WAYYY OFFF. Paid a good amount of money from it now the guy is ducking. Came to Dave from my cousins recommendation and gave this guy a shot. I was skeptical at first because he was like Itl take probably a week for this job to do and it is a big headache because it's red. I understand red is a really hard color to match but I said just do your best. I gotta say, dropped it off Tuesday night, got it back Friday morning same WEEK!!!! Great guy man he even called me Thursday and said hey man come by your car is done! I was scared cause this was wayyy too fast and all the old body shop I went through was sooo slow. I gotta say this guy was a man of his word. The car looks super clean and fresh!!! Imma recommend this shop to my friend and boy here comes more business to this guy!!

Nino A. Yelp Review

I took my 2012 Honda Accord there this Tuesday because my driver side door had been vandalized it had a long key scratch.
I have done previous business with J&M before.The staff had patch one of my tires and fixed my hood for my Subaru at a decent cost.
The manager Esmeralda is engaged with her customer she very professional and honest and upfront and the owner David seem to be a decent guy too.
I recommend this shop because they are honest and most of all they do a good job with the paint job on my car and not to mention they replaced my fiancé headlights on her 2011 Malibu which is not a easy task also my car was out the shop the next day.

Charles W. Yelp Review

I brought my car here and met with David.

After receiving 3 different estimates, his was the lowest and he was super nice! i dropped off the car and within a week and a half all damage was cleared and freshly painted. everything was charged to insurance with no problems. i would definitely recommend this shop for car fixes.

Thanks J&M for great service and for fixing my wonderful car!

Doug H. Yelp Review

Great service and overall trustworthy people. Always Great Customer Experiences. They also offer car rental assistance.

Lola M. Yelp Review

David and his staff are great! Esmeralda and Erick handled my case and repairs very professionally. They will help you with all the paper work and insurance claim if needed.My car looks great!

Felix A. Yelp Review

What a great service! I was referred to David by his daughter Alexis. Of course it's never fun getting into an accident and having to deal with getting your car fixed but David made the process so much more pleasant for me. He picked up my car from Campbell and towed it all the way to the shop in Daly City. He got the car done beautifully in the time he quoted and even detailed my car for me at no charge!!! I strongly recommend! Someone actually recently hit and ran my car and I will be going back to David.. hate to be back so soon but glad I have a great body shop that I can count on to go to!

Christine C. Yelp Review

Erick and the team at J&M Auto Body are the best in the business.

After hitting my 2011 Explorer and scraping up against a low cement wall as I was existing a parking garage, I brought my Explorer to them with damage to the passenger side (both front and back doors). After having gone to several other shops and being told that both of the doors would need to be replaced which was way out of my price range and frankly the damage didn't seem to me to need to replace the entire doors, I met with Erick. His auto body and detail services were able to keep the existing doors and ultimately make them look brand new again. I was so shocked when I picked up the car I was speechless and almost burst into tears (literally).

Not only are the J&M team true craftsmen but they are good, honest men. You rarely find that in auto service businesses these days.

I absolutely, 100% recommend J&M. If and when I need auto body work done in the future I will not hesitate to bring it to Erick and his team.

Mia B. Yelp Review

Last month I was hit pretty good on right front fender. I went to one shop and they wanted a bundle !!
I went back into my records cause I keep good ones, and sure enough I pulled up J + M receipt from 6 years ago and recall I was happy and it was a great job and a reasonable price.

In short, they were less than half of the first quote by a lot and did such fantastic job I am writing this to let you know --- Do IT !! At lease get the quote and talk with Eric.

They rock

David R. Yelp Review

Great service and work. Really great, would recommend this place to anybody.

Shawna E. Yelp Review

They did a great job with my car! David is an honest guy you can trust. My only regret is not taking my other car here when I got into an accident 4 years ago.

Elena F. Yelp Review

I've been bringing my cars to J&M since the late 1990's and they never disappoint! Took my Toyota Highlander to J&M after it got vandalized. It was keyed, dented, and had a broken windshield. David, Eric, and Esmeralda were all great to work with. They had me back on the road in one week, just in time for our trip to Tahoe! Thank you guys for the great work and service!

Jose V. Yelp Review

I got rear ended on 11/22. Dropped it off 11/24. Picked it up 12/04.

Only regret is not having enough money to have them take care of all the other scratches/paint chips.

ERIC B. Yelp Review

Just got my Cadillac back from J&M and it looks brand new!! Great work by the staff there and it was done in a timely manner! David is very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. Esmeralda handled the billing through the insurance which was a breeze. Davids cousin was also very helpful...excellent customer service!

Jason S. Yelp Review

This was my second paint job from J&M. Quality work. On time. Customer service was excellent.

Nigel K. Yelp Review

My visit in this shop was awesome, the workers are very friendly, and david is a great person to make business with. My car is perfect and im very satisfied with their work. I 100 % recommend this place. Very good work.

Rosmery G. Yelp Review

I was impressed with their quality of work, the ease of processing my claim with my insurance company and their level of customer service. My car came out looking beautiful after a lousy person hit and run me in a parking lot. I also appreciate the nice touch of thoroughly washing my car before handing it back over to me. I recommend them highly.

Linda M. Yelp Review

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with David at J&M Auto body due to a car accident. He did a spectacular job on my car and in a timely manner. I only have great things to say about David.

He guaranteed me that if I ever had any issues related to my car I could always bring it back and he would take care of it. I felt very confident I chose the right auto body and I am glad I went with J&M. David is trustworthy, reliable and he will ensure the work he does on your vehicle is 'Grade A' quality.

I can vouch that all services that are promised will be provided plus more. I will definitely recommend J&M Auto body and I give them 5 stars.

Maria C. Yelp Review

Someone hit my car a couple of years ago and my dad brought the car to J & M Body Shop. My dad said they were pretty friendly and got the job done relatively quickly (1-2 days). The bumper looked brand spankin' new. Highly recommend!

Joyce E. Yelp Review

I have been going to this shop for at least 25 years, it was previously owned by Clyde. But I always stay faithful so I tried David G. and he is really great. We had some incidents with vandalism and both of our cars were in the shop at the same time and we were extremely happy with the work and service at J & M.

I would highly recommend this shop, I'm insured with AAA as well as work there -so I could go anywhere for my auto work.

Tell David that Debra from AAA sent you.

Debra V. Yelp Review

Very good experience with these guys!!!!! David game me a very fair quote much cheaper then other places and repainted my quarter panel on a gold car. The color matched 100% and this is the only shop that I have ever went to that the paint actually matched so well. Highly recommend

Vlad M. Yelp Review

So, about a month ago some asshole crashed into my car and began the most annoying process. Had to call the police, file a report, call my insurance agent, wait to find out who was considered at fault, and even wait for my agent to take his sweet time to estimate damages on my car. The only pleasant part of this whole process was David G. He made it simple to take my car in and even gave me free rental, something that apparently wasn't in my coverage. He was straight forward, no hidden fees and very funny. As a woman this place has been one of the most comfortable shops I've ever been to!

Radio J. Yelp Review

I brought my little commuter car here after a friend had a parking mishap with a concrete column. I know the new owner from when he used to own another shop for several years in Daly City over on San Pedro. He did a great job on my 2002 Pathfinder back then, matched the paint beautifully, so I hunted him down to his new shop to fix my little commuter car. I actually got a couple quotes before I found him so when I brought my car in and showed him the damage, and he quoted me lower than the other two shops, I told him to order whatever parts he needed. He told me it would take 2-3 days to get the parts and 3-4 days to do the repair (though my car was drivable, the damage was pretty bad). I was a little worried because I told him I really needed the car back right away. He called me the next day and told me he got all the parts in early for me so I could bring in the car early. I couldn't because of my schedule, but I appreciated the hustle to try to save some time. Even still, I dropped the car off on a Tuesday morning and that evening he said I could pick it up Wednesday afternoon! Even though it was a rush job, the car looked excellent, it didn't look like it was 7 years old. I really appreciated the work he did considering my car was probably the least expensive car he was working on at the time. When I picked up my car it was parked next to 3 luxury cars. I was a little embarrassed, but it was comforting to know others trusted him with their high-end vehicles as well.

Jay M. Yelp Review

5 Stars!

Justice Jones Google Review

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